ChemMax® 1 Chemical Protective Garments Have Unique Lightweight Protection from Chemicals and Other Serious Contaminants

Constructed with a unique polyethylene barrier film and a continuous filament polypropylene nonwoven fabric.

ChemMax 1 garments bar many harmful contaminants from penetrating to inner clothing.

Garments are available with serged, bound and sealed seams for scalability.

Learn more by watching the ChemMax 1 product videos below:

ChemMax 1 Bound Seam Coveralls

ChemMax 1 Serged Seam Coveralls

ChemMax 1 garments provide economical, lightweight protection against most industrial acid and base chemicals with high and low ph resistance. Bloodborne pathogen and viral protection tested, and passes ASTM 1670 and ASTM 1671. A cost-effective option for wastewater treatment facilities.

ChemMax 1 fabric also meets the requirements of EN-1149 for Electrostatic Properties which means it has the ability to dissipate electrostatic charge from the surface of the clothing material.

Push-Lock® Glove System

Lakeland exclusive Push-Lock® Glove system ensures a safe, accurate and secure connection between your glove and ChemMax 1 garments. The re-usable Push-Lock system is versatile and can be worn with any chemical suit that demands a secure connection.

Watch the video on the simple Push-Lock (formally known as "Push-Fit") connection process now:

ChemMax®1 Brand Features

  • Fabric is Infectious Disease and BBP tested
  • Available in multiple seam configurations
  • Excellent Protection for High and Low PH Chemicals (Acids and Bases)
  • Fabric passes ASTM D6978 Fentanyl
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ChemMax® 1 Specifications
  • Seam Types: Serged, Bound, & Heat Sealed
  • Material: Polyethylene barrier film & Continuous filament polypropylene non-woven
  • Garment Configurations: Coveralls, Jacket, Pants, Hoods, Apron, Boot Covers
  • Fabric Testing: Numerous Chemicals including the ASTM F1001 recommended list; ASTM D6978 Fentanyl
  • Paint and Hazardous Liquids – Spray
  • Low Exposure, Low Risk Chemical Splash
  • High Exposure / High Risk (Heat Sealed Seam only)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Chemical Handling (Bound & Sealed Seam only)