​Interceptor™ is Lakeland’s flagship fully encapsulated Type 1a gas-tight chemical protective suit. 

Note: Interceptor™ is now available only in orange until further notice. It will be replaced by the new Interceptor Plus once CE certified.

Interceptor™ is the apex of Lakeland Industries’ chemical protective clothing range. Certified to both the CE EN 943-1&2 standards and to the equivalent US NFPA standards, Interceptor Plus is available in front and rear entry versions and with standard or wide vision visors.

The hi-tech multi-layer fabric, developed by Lakeland, is soft, light and flexible and yet features a high barrier against a wide array of hazardous chemicals - yet is 15% lighter than major competitor options

Download Lakeland’s Guide to the Selection of Chemical Protective Clothing to assist in improved selection of the best suit for the job and for permeation and physical properties comparisons.

Every Interceptor™ garment undergoes an internal pressure test to confirm leak tightness before leaving the Lakeland factory.

Interceptor™ Brand Features

  • 10 layer multi-barrier fabric with non-woven diffusion layer creates protection against a wide range of high hazard chemicals
  • Unique multi-layer fabric – 15% lighter than current commonly used limited life gas tight suits
  • Stitched and double taped seams inside and out for high strength and security
  • Lakeland patented double-layer visor sealing system provides a more secure seal between visor and fabric
  • Double-layer North Silvershield® glove system with St Gomain One Glove® option
  • Front or rear entry design options with standard and wide vision visor options
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Interceptor® Specifications
  • Seam Types: Stitched seam and double taped
  • Materials: 325gsm multi-layer construction: 10 barrier films with a non-woven diffusion layer sequenced to maximise chemical barrier.
  • Garment Configurations: Full integral encapsulating suit with attached boots, gloves, hood with visor and integral BA pouch to rear
  • Colours: Blue as standard, Orange and grey to order
  • Packaging: Individually vacuum packed
  • Testing: Tested against full range of chemical warfare agents to European test
  • Chemical clean-ups and spill management
  • Protection against liquid and gaseous chemicals to Type 1
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Civil defence and response
  • EN 14605 (Type 3 & 4)
  • EN 943 (Type 1 & 2)
  • EN 14126 Infective Agents Protection