Pyrolon® Plus 2 Coverall with elasticated hood, cuffs, waist and ankles

Style Number: EWP428Translations

Pyrolon® garments meet the requirements of EN 14116 (Index 1) for clothing for protection against flames and heat. Fabric will not ignite but chars at low temperature and unlike standard disposables does not continue burning after the ignition source is withdrawn.

  • Can safely be used over thermal protective garments without compromising thermal protection.
  • Note that Pyrolon® TM Plus 2 fabric will not ignite but is designed to wear OVER thermal protective garments and will not provide heat protection if worn alone.
  • Intrinsic anti-static properties with very low surface resistance; anti-static does not wear off in use like standard disposables.
  • Lakeland “Super-B” ergonomic styling – unique combination of three design elements to optimise fit, durability and freedom of movement.

Features: Elasticated hood, waist, cuffs and ankles, "Super B“ pattern

SM - 3XL
Case Size
25 /case


Pyrolon® Plus 2 Physical Properties
Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsTest Results
Abrasion ResistanceEN 5301500 cycles / Class 3
Burst StrengthISO 2960290kPa / Class 3
Puncture ResistanceEN 86312.2N / Class 2
Tensile Strength - cdISO 1393440.1N / Class 1
Tensile Strength - mdISO 1393476.1N / Class 2
Trapezoidal Tear - cdEN 907326.7N / Class 2
Trapezoidal Tear - mdEN 907324.2N / Class 2
Trapezoidal Tear - meanEN 907325.45N / Class 2
Flex Cracking ResistanceISO 7854100,000 flexes/Class 6
Hydrostatic HeadISO 811
Seam StrengthEN 508263N / Class 2

Physical properties data is based on standard tests required by CE certification designed to allow easy comparison of the strength, durability and robustness of different garments. Lakeland's "Guide to Type 5 & 6 Coveralls" contains easy reference comparison tables of Lakeland garments with main competitors. A glossary with brief explanation of these tests can be found in Lakeland’s “Guide to Chemical Suit Selection”.