Micromax® NS Coverall - Hi-Viz

Style Number: EMN428RT(White) EMN428ORT (Orange)

Micromax® NS Coverall with reflective tape.

  • Biomotion tape configuration on arms and legs with X back design for increased visibility and safety.
  • Available in White(EMN428RT) and Orange (EMN428ORT).
  • Compliant to AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 Class N Night Use Only, AS/NZS 1906.4.2010 Reflectivity of Materials (Tape only).
  • Fabric achieves the highest protection against biological hazards including blood and bodily fluids tested to EN 14126.
  • Compliant to CE Type 5 /6 Hazardous Dusts (incl Asbestos) and Light Liquid Sprays incl Water, Oil, Grease and Aerosols.
  • Passes 60 minutes ASTM F903 Penetration Test on 100% Concentration Diazinon, Motor Oil-40wt, Bleach(Household), Isocyanate based Paints, 50% Concentration on Sodium Hydroxide and 10% Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Suitable for wear during night and low light operations within road traffic, mining, waste water, security site operations above and below ground.
  • Added benefit of providing protection against radioactive particulates as well as being Anti-Static.
  • Micromax NS fabric is also certified in Australia as UPF 35 : Very Good Sun Protection, therefore providing sun protection to workers wearing lightweight t-shirt and shorts as undergarments in Australian, New Zealand and PNG climates.

Features: Attached hood, Elastic ankle, Elastic face and wrists, Elastic hood

SM - 3XL
Case Size


MicroMax® NS Physical Properties
Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsTest Results
Abrasion ResistanceEN 530>100 cycles/Class 1
Burst StrengthISO 296050.9kPa / Class 1
Flex Cracking ResistanceISO 785440,000 flexes/Class 4
Hydrostatic HeadISO 811351cm / n/a
Puncture ResistanceEN 8636.2N / Class 1
Resistance to IgnitionEN 13274-4  Pass / n/a
Seam StrengthEN 508288.8N / Class 3
Tensile Strength - cdISO 1393434N / Class 1
Tensile Strength - mdISO 1393479.87 / Class 2
Trapezoidal Tear - cdEN 907319.4N / Class 1
Trapezoidal Tear - mdEN 907328.1N / Class 2
Trapezoidal Tear - meanEN 907323.75N / Class 2
MicroMax® NS Chemical Penetration Data
Chemical TestCAS NumberPhysical StateTest Results
Butan-1-olLiquidR = Class 3 / P = Class 2
o-XyleneLiquidR = Class 3 / P = Class 2
Sodium Hydroxide 10%LiquidR = Class 3 / P = Class 3
Sulphuric Acid 30%LiquidR = Class 3 / P = Class 3