ChemMax® 4 Plus Coverall - double zip & storm flap, attached socks/boot overflap, attached gloves

Style Number: CT4S430G

Improved Super-B style coverall with attached socks with boot overflaps and EC30F Neoprene chemical gloves attached using the Push-Lock™ glove connection system.

  • Superior fit, wearability, and durability.
  • Cushioned double-layer knee pads for increased comfort and safety
  • Soft and flexible material compared to other garments of a similar protection level
  • Multi-layer, high barrier films laminated to spunbonded PP substrate - 190gsm
  • Tough and durable fabric – can be used multiple times if undamaged and un-contaminated
  • Extruded fabric construction. Results in smoother and more consistent fabric than bonded or glued competitors
  • Material does not ‘pinch’ or show thinner bond points as seen in competitor fabrics
  • European manufactured fabric
  • Tested against a full range of chemical warfare agents for anti-terror and civil defence operations
  • Works with Lakeland’s PermaSURE®- the online tool providing instant safe-use times for over 4000 chemicals

Features: Elastic face, Elastic wrist, Double storm flap, Attached sock boots with boot flaps, "Super B“ pattern

SM - 3XL
Case Size
10 /case


ChemMax® 4 Plus Physical Properties
Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsTest Results
Abrasion ResistanceEN 530Cycles2000 Cycles / Class 6
Tensile StrengthEN 13934-2Newtons215N / 150N - Class 3
Tensile Strength - cdEN 13934-2Newtons150N / Class 3
Trapezoidal Tear - cdISO 9073Newtons101N / Class 5
Trapezoidal Tear - mdISO 9073Newtons101N / Class 5
Trapezoidal Tear - MeanISO 9073Newtons90N / Class 4
Puncture ResistanceEN 863Newtons15.4N / Class 2
Flex CrackingISO 7854Cycles1000 Cycles / Class 1
Flex Cracking at -30CISO 7854Cycles200 Cycles / Class 2
Seam StrengthEN 13935Newtons125N / Class 4
ChemMax® 4 Plus Permeation Data
Challenge ChemicalCAS NumberPhysical StateNormalized Breakthrough Time
2,3 Dichloro- 1Propene78-88-6Liquid>480
2,4-dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid94-75-7Liquid>480
Acetic Acid64-19-7Liquid>480
Acetyl Chloride75-36-5Liquid>480
Acrylic Acid79-10-7Liquid>480
Allyl Chloride107-05-1Liquid>480
Ammonium Fluoride12125-01-8Liquid>480